Fall 2017 Newsletter Image
Fall 2017 Newsletter
RIDING THE RED 150 WAVE! What a remarkable summer this has been for Quilt of Belonging! On tour for 12 weeks, we estimate the Quilt had about 1.5 million visitors―waves of people of all ages, all colours, all walks of life. Truly the Canada 150 theme, “Canada welcomes the world” was evidenced at the exhibitions. […] Read More
Spring 2017 Newsletter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! The words sound a little strange at first. Maybe it’s because I am not sure who to say them to, or it’s because of the scope of it―a country is so much bigger than an individual and our country is enormous! Yet in many ways it is not so different from celebrating […] Read More
Fall 2016 Newsletter
IT’S LIKE DISCOVERING THE WORLD ALL OVER AGAIN! We’ve spent over a year patiently reviewing every world nation, revisiting all our First Peoples and adding three new nations to bring their stories up to date on a new website.  Photos and videos now bring the cultures to life. For years we’ve dreamt about sharing the […] Read More