Create Your Own Quilt

Many schools and classrooms have used the Quilt as a model for creating their own “Quilt of Belonging”. The process of creating a student “Quilt of Belonging offers the opportunity to:

  • foster a sense of belonging and pride in each student
  • to teach inclusion and acceptance
  • to celebrate diversity
  • to learn about world cultures and First Peoples in Canada
  • to foster harmony and a sense of pride in a school or classroom

This project can be made with a many materials and can comprise a wide range of ages. The example shown below was made with over 1,000 students from the Upper Canada District School Board, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Youth Quilt was over 100 feet long.

The project is adapted for different grade levels. It comes with instructions, a printable template, as well as guidelines for meeting the curriculum requirements in specific subject areas for each grade.

The hexagon shape used for each student block represents the carbon molecule, the basic element from which all life is made. The beehive structure formed when the hexagons are joined is nature’s strongest building model–powerful symbols indeed! Creating your own “Quilt of Belonging” is an excellent way to foster good character traits in students and build stronger schools.

Primary/Junior Quilt of Belonging – Kindergarten-Grade 6

Intermediate Quilt of Belonging – Grades 7-8

Senior Quilt of Belonging – Grades 9-12

Quilt Block Template – All grades (print on 8 1/2″ by 14″ paper)

Inuktitut translation – Primary/Junior

Inuktitut translation – Intermediate

Inuktitut translation – Senior

* Includes Powerpoint of high school students from Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School making their blocks and sharing their stories.