Fall 2017 Newsletter


What a remarkable summer this has been for Quilt of Belonging! On tour for 12 weeks, we estimate the Quilt had about 1.5 million visitors―waves of people of all ages, all colours, all walks of life. Truly the Canada 150 theme, “Canada welcomes the world” was evidenced at the exhibitions. Thousands expressed that the Quilt is the perfect symbol of Canada, a nation that values all peoples. The wave of intense emotions we saw in visitors made this tour memorable. There was awe and wonderment at the beauty, scope and workmanship of the Quilt. It evoked a swell of national pride in Canada.

But there was anxiety too. Recent world events have shown that we must continually strive to protect the caring ideals we cherish. The Quilt reminds us of what we aspire to be as a nation and as a world. Little did we imagine when we began this project in 1998, that almost 20 years later we would repeatedly hear “We need the Quilt now, more than ever in the world.“

With heartfelt thanks to all who took part,

Esther Bryan

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