Fall 2016 Newsletter


We’ve spent over a year patiently reviewing every world nation, revisiting all our First Peoples and adding three new nations to bring their stories up to date on a new website.  Photos and videos now bring the cultures to life.

For years we’ve dreamt about sharing the Quilt’s message digitally, impacting people who may never see the Quilt, stretching the horizons of those of us who have.  For this we offer our heartfelt thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) who awarded us a grant of $56,500 in early 2015 to undertake this exciting project.  Wonderful partners helped ― The Native North American Travelling College, Debajehmujig Creation Centre and The Canadian Ethnocultural Council.

What a team it took to make it happen!  Thank you to our talented web designers, writers, editors, researchers, translators, graphic designer, educators, filmmakers who together worked thousands of hours to create a website that continues to grow the Quilt ―on-line. It’s finally done!

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