American Editor and Book Designer Raves about Quilt Books

Esther Bryan

What an encouragement for all of us to receive this enthusiastic e-mail from Toni Toomey, a noted editor and publisher. We share her comments below.

“Both books arrived today. They are stunning! The story of the quilt and the stories of the blocks are so compelling, I couldn’t put the book down. Lest anyone underestimate what went into the Quilt, the Acknowledgements give a bird’s-eye view of the scope of the project and the the incredible amount of work and dedication from so many people with such varied talents. And thank you for sharing your family’s rich story.

Strictly from the point of view of a book designer, my first impression was that the design, the restrained typography, and the production values are perfect and serve the content flawlessly. Then the more time I spent with the book, the more I appreciated the details.