Tuesday Talk and Stitch

Esther Bryan

Many of you must wonder what has happened to all the stitches who devoted so much time to making the Quilt over the years, now that it is finished and on tour. What are all those busy needlework fingers and creative textile artists up to?

Well, after years of working together and the joy of sharing ideas and techniques with one another, we still meet, every second Tuesday of the month. We come together at the project headquarters in Williamstown to share our latest creations, help one another with our projects and catch up on what’s happening in our lives.

After years of collecting, there are many fabrics, threads, beads, trims and embroidery supplies left over from the making of the Quilt. They are just waiting to be used for interesting new projects and we happily share these with any who can use them. All are welcome to join us, whether old friends or just new to the community. Call us at 613-347-2381.