New Contribution to plan Virtual Quilt

Esther Bryan

The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Community Futures Development Corporation has awarded Quilt of Belonging a contribution under the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP); Innovation & ICT Development element. The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) is a $10-million Government of Canada initiative which promotes socio-economic development in rural Eastern Ontario, encourages a competitive and diversified regional economy, and contributes to the successful development of business and job opportunities and sustainable, self-reliant communities.

With this funding, we are researching and developing a comprehensive plan for a “Virtual” Quilt of Belonging. This “ Virtual Quilt” would allow students, educators, families and individuals from around the world to tell their stories in a variety of art mediums, in words, and photography. The contributions would be added, one by one, to a Quilt that would be viewed on-line. The concept of creating a second Quilt of Belonging, one where people anywhere in the world can add their piece, is an exciting dream that we have long been eager to explore.