With a Song in My Heart

Esther Bryan

It was an overcast day and I was feeling a little downcast the day IT arrived– A humble little brown envelope, with a CD and a personal note. Months earlier, Cathy Millar had written that she was writing a song called “Quilt of Belonging” for her new CD and here it was. I didn’t know what to expect, but as the song began, tears started to roll down my cheeks. This was no ordinary song.

This song is simply beautiful, with its stirring melody and poignant lyrics. The words, sung in Cathy’s clear, expressive voice, are accompanied by the stirring strains of violin and guitar. Cathy had captured the dreams and hopes of the Quilt and of all humanity in this new song. Joy and gratitude filled my heart. What a gift!

I’ve seen this reaction often repeated as this new song is shared with others. Cathy wrote in her note “It was the last song written and often the last song ends up being closest to the muse.” She did indeed save the best for last! To enjoy this treasure yourself, order her new CD called “Little Crazy Quilt” by going to www.singingquilter.com.