A G20 Summit Experience for the Quilt

Esther Bryan

We were honoured to be invited to the G20 Summit in Toronto in late June. Travelling overnight from the Montreal Rotary exhibit, though security at dawn and into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre by breakfast time, the Quilt went from one international exhibition to another. The G20 though was a very different kind of event, one where the world’s eyes were on Canada. Yes the security hurdles were a challenge, and the protocol considerable. but the people were wonderful. From staff to delegates, Mounties to media, people were delighted with the Quilt.

Word of the exhibit quietly spread through the Convention Centre, and people came to see the huge artwork that told each nation’s story and spoke so eloquently of their dreams and vision for a better world. Then, from the tightly secured confines of the Convention Centre, the media carried the Quilt’s story, pictures and message out to communities around the world.