Hearts and hands at the creativfestival in Toronto

Joanne High

Elene Cincik-Mirga
Shilpa Mehta & family
Tatiana Jouikova

Enthusiasm and excitement best describe the ambiance
of the creativfestival in Toronto this past October.

The festival is a gathering place for many who love textile and needle work. Our audience greatly appreciated the complexity of the craftsmanship, the value of the time invested and the spectacular variety of materials that were used to make Quilt of Belonging.

Long time volunteers joined with new volunteers Andy and Darlene Konecny to generously share their time and knowledge with visitors to the exhibition. Our very own MPP Mr. Jim Brownell with his staff made a special visit to see us at this event. A number of block makers also joined us to renew old acquaintances and of course enjoy the Quilt.

Esther was warmly received by the audience when she presented the story of Quilt of Belonging on the main stage. Her compassion and empathy continues to capture the hearts of many.

Congratulations to Ms. Mary Dodd of Mississauga, Ontario winner of our door prize.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Ms. Rita Gramsch the founder and creator of creativfestival for hosting this exhibition.