Visitors Comments from Surrey Warm the Heart

Carol White

Esther Bryan enjoyed catching up on the news from Surrey, BC where the Quilt of Belonging was on exhibit in the Spring of 2006. The folks at the Surrey Art Gallery were happy to compile the many comments made by visitor to the exhibit and copies were made available recently. Here’s a sample of what our western friends had to say.

“Too bad the world could not come together this way!”

“It was an experience of worship – like you are a small part of something large and beautiful – LIKE CANADA!”

“Loved the Quilt works! It’s so impressive that one can stand for long hours studying this sophisticated artwork with complete admiration!”

“I feel like I just toured the world!”

“This is fabulous . . . but hopefully it keeps touring and touring and touring!!!”

“Its moving to see my Native Artwork.”

“It feels like we are all part of something bigger than us!”

“How proud I am to be Canadian! Well Done!”