New Transportation Box System

Carol White

The boxes which transport the Quilt of Belonging seem to draw a lot of attention at the exhibits. Wherever possible, the installation team leaves them visible to the public. Folks seem fascinated by the construction and typically ask questions about how the Quilt is dismantled, stored and shipped. The exhibit has travelled throughout Canada (including the Arctic) neatly packed into four large “rock and roll” type cases. Three of this boxes weigh in at about 350 pounds each while the fourth box, lovingly known as “the monster” posed the most difficulty, tipping the scales at close to 800 pounds. We are pleased to announce that Box # 4 has now been replaced with 2 new boxes which distribute the weight and provide much more options for toting books, media and other accessories to the exhibit. A new total of 5 boxes now ships our national treasure around the country. Many thanks to the designers and builders. Transportation is a breeze now!