Unique Partnership Produces Arctic Tour of the Quilt of Belonging

Invitation and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) have worked in partnership for more than two years to bring together the necessary components to shepherd the Quilt of Belonging across the Canada’s Arctic. In January 2006, the Quilt will fly east to west through the generosity of Air Labrador, Air Inuit, and First Air. Many others have generously contributed to make this tour possible.

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Invitation Teams Venture North
Invitations first of five teams of volunteers will travel from Montreal to Goose Bay, Newfoundland on January 18, 2006. The Quilt, currently at the Rooms Provincial Museum, will meet up with the team in Goose Bay and travel together to the first stop in Nain, Labrador.

Qamutiks- A New Experience
Upon arrival in Nain, the Invitation Project will travel by traditional sled pulled by snowmobiles. Imagine, if you will, a caravan of qamutiks transporting four specially designed travel cases containing the Quilt of Belonging, followed by the four-team members from the Nain airport across the beautiful Arctic landscape to their destination at Jens Haven Memorial School

Imagine also, the faces of the students as they take in the profusion of colours and fabrics representing all world cultures and the main aboriginal groupings living in Canada.

What to Bring
The question is What do you bring to the Arctic? An orientation seminar to familiarize and prepare the teams for the Arctic tour will be held at Invitation Project headquarters on January 12, 2006.

Arctic Clothing Needed
The teams are still in need of Arctic clothing. Donations or sponsorship would be appreciated. Please contact us if you have anything to lend, donate, or sponsor.

This is an incredible opportunity to bring the Quilt of Belonging to the Inuit people of the Far North and to continue our goal to bring the Invitation experience to as many people as possible.

Everyone involved is looking forward to this amazing experience!