Quilt Debuts at the Canadian Museum Of Civilization

What an amazing experience! The big day finally arrived to launch the Quilt of Belonging, the Canadian Tour and the companion book Quilt of Belonging: the Invitation Project.

More than 1000 dignitaries, block makers, sponsors and volunteers were on hand on April 1, 2005 to finally unveil the Quilt and see it for the first time in its glowing entirety. The gala was a spectacular event with beautiful lighting, fabulous food and all the beauty of the Grand Hall. Attendance at the morning media conference exceeded our expectation and the launch received wonderful coverage.

As a final gesture, the Canadian Museum of Civilization offered a 5 month extension to exhibit the Quilt of Belonging. Due to commitments to the rest of the tour we were only able to extend by 10 days but it was our honour to do so. It was estimated that 7,180 visitors viewed the Quilt of Belonging in those 20 days in April a success which was beyond anyone’s expectations.

Our thanks to the fabulous museum staff at the Canadian Museum of Civilization for their guidance and expertise. Their high standards went into the making of our beautiful text panels and every detail of the exhibition. We will always treasure the experience.